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Shadow Productions provides a range of writing and research services in all media—radio, TV, the web, package and brochure copy, public relations materials, and the news media. Great writing is listening.  It’s asking you the right questions to gain a thorough understanding of your project, its objectives, its audience, and its challenges. It’s being humble and collaborative in order to bring out the best ideas from everyone. It’s understanding technology, and being able to collaborate with both technical people and artists to make sure your message works across the media.  Samples of our writing are throughout this site; most of the ads and content were written in-house. We are trained researchers as well.  If you want results, solid research beats a clever slogan every time.  We can conduct a literature review of the peer-reviewed studies germane to your project and goals.  We are veteran interviewers.  We can create surveys.  We know how to recruit, run and analyze focus groups.  And we can process quantitative and qualitative data for optimal results.


Research can accomplish more than the slickest logo or the cleverest ad. Shadow Productions was charged with developing and testing messaging to convince Vermonters to get their HIV tests. There were considerable barriers—stigma, lack of information, questions about access, and more. We undertook a literature review, conducted focus groups and interviews, and produced several documents. This research helped us craft messages which we then survey-tested and revised based on the results. Now, and for the future, the Vermont Department of Health has region-specific, quantitative and qualitative information available. So, future campaigns do not have to start from scratch, but can use precious resources to advance what has already been learned. In other words, no reinventing the wheel. Research samples are provided here.

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