The Key is Our Portfolio

This part of our site is all about philosophy—how we work, and how we work with you.  But our work is our best spokesperson.  To skip this section (and our blah-blahing) just go to any of the headings and choose “samples”  That’s where you’ll see award-winning examples of the work we’ve done for companies of all sizes, from nationally-known corporations to mom-and-pops.  If you like what we’ve done for them, imagine what we could for you.  Enough said.

The Key is Our Approach

approachThe reason for our success is simple: We create a solution for you. The multi-tool is our symbol because it’s about choosing the right tool or tools for the job. Since no two projects are exactly the same, no two solutions are, either. We start every project with an open mind, and begin assembling tools and teams based on your needs. So, just ask us how we can help. We’ll devise a custom solution for you.

The Key is Our Content

Today’s world gets most of its information and entertainment from the TV, web, and radio.  Shadow Productions makes ads, multimedia, web movies and animation for this modern media-scape.  In this world of sites, YouTube, Facebook and other social media, you simply can’t have enough content to post.  We create that content.  Content includes video of a public service event you sponsored, your radio and TV ads, multimedia press releases, video blogs, podcasts, how-to’s, tutorials, and so on.  Shadow Productions both creates new content and re-uses your current content to feed the media stream and keep you in front of your customers.  We can animate your logo, create a podcast, or design a slide show from some still photos you took at an event last weekend.  And we catalog it all so you can use it again later.

The Key is Flexibility

Shadow Productions is known for making great ads.  Some of our clients use us just for that, and some use us for lots more.  We can handle all kinds of projects with our in-house staff.  We can work with your staff, your creative people, or your agency.  Or, we can assemble a team from our extensive network of illustrators, graphic artists, web developers, PR people, academics, data experts, media placement strategists and more.  This saves you money.

The Key is Attitude

Shadow Productions is fact-based electronic marketing.  No smoke and mirrors, no contracts, no retainers, no one-size-fits-all.  We rely on research, and we can generate it as well, through surveying, focus groups, and other techniques.  Our approach is that you should buy only what you need, not somebody else’s overhead. That’s it.  Our only goal is to be effective for you.

The Key is Recycling

We’ll save you money like nobody else.  How?  Because we start from the premise that you already did a bunch of good things prior to knowing us.  You might have some video kicking around, or some still pictures.  Maybe you’ve been working with a talented graphic artist to develop a color scheme or logo.  At Shadow Productions, we’re digital scavengers, electronic recyclers.  Unless we need to, we won’t re-create your colors, re-shoot your video or re-write your copy.  We’ll re-use what you have, re-purpose it in innovative new ways. We believe that if the wheel’s already been invented, it’s our job to soup up the motor.

The Key is Being Real

When you contact us and we sit down and talk (always free here at Shadow Productions), we’ll think hard about your goals, and if we decide that we’re not the best way for you to achieve success, we’ll tell you.  Then we’ll send you to someone who can help you. On the other hand, if we can help you, then get used to us, because we’re not going anywhere.  Our best relationships are our longest ones.  The reason is simple:  The better we know you, the more effective—and cost-effective—we are for you.  You’ll never have to fear picking up the phone or shooting an e-mail our way because you’ll never be charged for it.  We want to hear from you because we’ll use everything we learn to make your messaging more effective. We’re community-oriented.  We believe in local.  We hire and source locally, and we challenge the big guys in our industry to do the same.  When we meet you, we don’t want you to be impressed with us (it’s why our wardrobes are short on black); we want you to be impressed with the results we bring you.  And, lastly, we’re really affordable because you know what?  Marketing isn’t rocket science, and it’s not magic.  It’s dogged dedication to achieving a goal.

Please, ask around about us!

And, if, like us, you’ve got this crazy thing for true, local pricing and honest, measurable results, let’s talk.